Walter Fletcher Beach or Aquasol

The Walter Fletcher beach is operated by the Urban development Cooperation. It is located along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay Jamaica. It is public beach open to locals and tourists alike. It is opened from Wednesday to Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Entry rates for adults is JMD$500 and children J$200.

Walter Fletcher Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Facilities currently doesn't offer much in terms of entertainment. Separate from a Monitor box that is always own, blasting out the latest news from a radio station or playing some music

The beach is however well kept and there are lifeguards and security personnel who keep a watchful eye on happenings at the beach.

Most of the facilities that were apart of the compound when it was operated as Aquasol theme and beach park have been removed. There is no longer a night club, gym, skating rink, or a water park. Presently only a two shops that provide refreshment etc are at the facility. The entrance free makes it an easy choice for persons seeking a safe area to hang out. There is  sufficient seating and changing areas. So if you are planning a small to medium beach trip, This small beach area is a great option. The beach area is small because about have of the property cornered off and mark as a prohibited area.