Reggae Styles Mayfield falls

Mayfield Falls is one of my favorite attractions in all of Jamaica it's definitely my favorite attraction in proximity to Negril it's about an hour and a half drive from Negril.

Note in the article we are referring to the original Mayfields falls Tours which is separate from the one offered by Chukka Adventure which now shares the same property. They can be contacted at 876957-4183 or 876-792-2074 to get to Mayfield Fall it is recommended that you ask get directions before heading out. Also do not use google maps as this will take you through a road that is in a state of disrepair.  The falls are located Hertford to Flower Hill Main Road, Pennycooke Jamaica Opening hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sundays to Saturday.  Admission is about $20 USD for vistors to the island.


Another disclaimer Mayfield really consists of about twenty one widely spaced mini cascading waterfalls and gentle pools hidden away in a tropical rain forest located at this part of the island. The largest water fall is no more than 10 feet in high. This is nothing like YS Falls or Dunns River.


On arrival there is an unofficial parking area. From there we proceeded to the entrance and spoke with security guard/Cashier. We paid our fee of $750 Jamaican dollars for adults. We were told is $350 Jamaican dollars for children this fee is for locals only. The path to the falls is lined by bamboo trees. Proceeding down the sloped path to the falls it's already possible to see the river. Once you enter the property you will descend a series of steps to the main starting point of the tour. We see a sign that reads Welcome to Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs established in 1996 by Mayfield Falls and Mineral Spring Ltd. This is what the guides call base camp. 


Several gazebos, shops, jerk centers and a bar and other buildings are present at the Facility. If you forgot your climbing shoes, this is a great place to try and source one. You will need it as the terrain will soon become quite slippery. A wet suit or a bath suit is recommended. We spent part of the time walking through water and the other part walking on land following the water path utilizing bamboo bridges as needed.

A trek up the falls and then back to base camp usually take an hour. We start ours at the shallow section of the river, walking in cold but refreshing and invigorating water surrounded by bamboo trees, ferns and lush greenery of the Jungle slash Tropical rain forest. As we trek on the water becomes deeper and soon you are knee or waist deep in water depending on how tall you are. Our guide is quick to point out that these are mineral water with healing properties. Persons are able to relax in any one of the mineral water pools that will cure all that ails you. It’s more like a natural Jacuzzi that massages your body.  The river and mini fall that make the attraction is picturesque and the lust vegetation, gives you that real jungle feeling.

You can even hide behind the mini-falls for some privacy with your romantic partner. There are certain sections you that have hollow rocks, like a mini cave you can dive slash squeeze through and come out the other side. This is not for persons who are claustrophobic. The dive takes no more than ten seconds. The main mini water fall is the one the guides nicknamed the washing machine.  It’s also the highest fall measuring no more than ten feet in height.

After wading through the water for a few minutes it was time to stop and take care of our skin. Our guide recommended using the limestone and claying looking deposits to rub all over our skin. He swears that it improves skin tone and texture and keeps your skin looking younger and more beautiful. With such a recommendation we just had to give it a try.  The Flora and fauna of the area is also very interesting. Our guide introduced us to turmeric which is used to make curry powder used in cooking as a plant. And plants whose roots taste like candy and is said to be good for your lungs.  Over all Mayfield falls is great attraction, if you accepts that this not a gigantic water fall but more of a trek up cascading rivers that is an adventure in and of itself. It’s definitely recommended.