Old Hospital Park

Old Hospital Park, as the name suggests is a park that was created at the site of Montego Bay First Hospital.

Once the Cornwall Regional Hospital was built the site was abandoned and a beautifully landscape public park put at the location.

 The park is located along Jimmy Cliff Blvd, also known as the Hip Strip. It's neighbours one man beach, and is also in the vicinity of Margaritaville. 

The park has a well kept lawn, concrete seats and two (2) gazebos.

A perfect spot to enjoy a scenic view of the ocean, as you sit or stand at the edge of a not so high cliff. The park has a variety of flowers and few majestic palm trees.

 A special feature of the park is, blow hole, an opening, with steps that lead to the ocean below.


The Park is a beautiful place to host events. However be mindful that any formal gatherings to including professional video/ photo shoots, weddings etc. will require a payment to the St. James Parish Council about $7000 Jamaican dollars a day.