Old Fort Craft Market

The Old Fort Craft market is one of the largest Craft and Souvenir shops located in Montego Bay. It is being converted into an artesian village. Over 200 hundred individual craft shops are located in the Market. The market is located along the Hip Strip, officially the Jimmy Cliff Blvd across from Walter Fletchers Beach.   There is a large sign that can be seen clearly  seen from above so the Market will be hard to miss.

Old Fort Craft Market

Wooden Carvings of various sizes, wooden toys, Straw fans and baskets, stone and marble artwork,

T-shirts, swim wears, cups, mugs, hats, calabashes, polished bead jewelry necklaces, sandals, bracelets are just a few of the items on display at the Craft Market.  The area is very clean and neatly organized. It features a stone walk way. The market is divided into an upper and lower section. At the upper section there is a wishing well. This is an actual well that served as a primary source of water for the adjoining Fort.

Tour the grounds and take your time to hammer out a bargain from the sellers and listen to the local language as the vendors try to impress even the most discerning shopper. Sellers are proactive to say the least but will not go overboard and overall it is a pleasing shopping experience.

 Visitors should feel comfortable visiting each shop in search of that unique item. Also at the upper section is the Artillery/ ammunition dump used for the storage of gun powder and cannon balls. Take a break from shopping in the market to admire this amazing piece of architecture and history.