Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap is a popular scenic spot in the district of Yardley Chase in the Parish of St Elizabeth. The site is a bluff on the Santa Cruz Mountain that exposes a 520 meter(1,700 ft) drop to the shores of Cutlass Bay.
It offers a spectacular view of Jamaica's Southern coast stretching from Rocky Point Clarendon in the east to Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth in the west. Call: 876-965-6887 or 876-595-2421 for booking at the Famous Jakes Hotel that is near by.
Famed by the tale of two doomed slaves who jumped to their death, from the cliff rather than facing separation. 
This south coast attraction has an awesome, mind-blowing view. It's about 25 minutes drive from treasure beach or about 20-minute drive in the direction of Mandeville. It is one of the best places to host a wedding reception.  At the top of the cliff there is a garden and a lawn that can hold a lot of guests, it  also has two gazebos and a restaurant. If you're afraid of the heights, don't be, because at Lover's there are guard rails  and everything is done for your safety.
Legend of Lovers Leap
Apart from being a scenic site Lover's Leap history surrounds the Legend of a tragic love story of two enslaved Africans from the 18th century Mizzy and Tunkey. According to folklore Richard Chardley. one of the early owners of the Yardley Chase plantation was in love with his 'housekeeper" The young woman named "Mizzy" however she was In love with the enslaved African "Tunkey" from a neighbouring plantation. In order to have her to himself, Chardley plotted to sell her lover. The enslaved couple fled the plantation only to be chased to Cliff, now known as Lovers Leap. In a final embrace the lovers jumped from the cliff to their death. It is believed that this incident gave rise to the name of the area, as -Yardley "a corruption of Chardley and 'Chase' is the planter's pursuit of the enslaved couple There are. however, many versions of the story of lovers' leap
It's very romantic spot, before Covid 19 Pandemic anyone could come to Lovers Leap and use the restaurant at the top. Visitors could also take a very short excursion and pay only $300 Jamaican dollars  for a walk around the park.
This would have worked as a fantastic idea for a popular tourist site in Jamaica where many people come and go. If only Lovers Leap were located in the most popular tourist area which is currently the north coast of Jamaica.
But Lover's Leap is in the south. From time to time it  has struggled with regular visitors. Especially starting from 2020 with this Covid 19 situation destroying tourism. That is why the place is currently not available for walk-in visitors anymore.
The good news it can be booked as an absolutely perfect spot for a private venue.  It is close enough to the town and a range of hotels including the famous Jakes hotel nearby, but far enough from crowded places and all the hustle and bustle that comes with them. What is more  the Parish of Saint Elizabeth is known as a bread basket of Jamaica where most vegetables are grown and it is also the area with a lot of fishermen. As a result the restaurant at Lovers leap gets the freshest local produce. 
The menu at Lovers Leap  mostly local cuisines such as fish, jerk chicken, salt fist fritters, bammy, rice and peas. Plenty of drinks both Jamaican and international. The atmosphere at Lover's Leap and the design of the restaurant itself is what makes it such a special experience.
Lovers Leap Lighthouse
We also noticed that there is also this structure it's  the Lover's leap lighthouse. It belongs to the port authority of Jamaica. It is the most recently built lighthouse on the island. What's interesting is that being located at the top of a cliff. It is said to be the highest lighthouse in the western hemisphere and is on the list of designated national heritage sites in Jamaica.
Well the obvious negative for some people is that it's about two and a half
hours drive from Montego Bay. Luckily there is a brand new road taking
you from north to south. Whether you're coming by yourself or with a bus.
This makes the trip much easier than it used to be.Once you are in the south you will find that most roads are still a bit rough and have potholes. This attraction is not within walking distance so make sure you have a driver.
Next negative is if you're not booking Lovers Leap for a private event like a wedding birthday or party. You will not be able to visit the place at the moment
Lovers Leap is not just a name for a place in Jamaica it's actually topping  a
number of locations of varying heights all around the world. These places are usually isolated and legends of romantic tragedies are often associated with every lover's leap the site in Jamaica.
This is one of the highest and most spectacular. So if you're looking for the best place for a wedding in Jamaica or want to arrange a special venue with breathtaking views and atmosphere. Consider lovers leap in Saint Elizabeth.