Konoko Falls and Park

 Konoko Falls is a  scenic outdoor adventure attraction that features the Konoko water walls, a mini zoo, a bird aviary, botanical gardens, a small museum and provides hosting for events especially weddings. The attraction is located at Pimento Walk Main St Ocho Rios in the Parish of Saint Ann just a few minutes drive from Ocho Rios Town Centre. They are open Mondays to Sundays 8:00 am - 4:30 pm including public Holidays. email them at info@konokofalls.com. Entry fee is about $20 USD per person. 

The area was originally a settlement for the Taino Indians who were the first inhabitants of the island

Konoko Falls 

 Climb the majestic falls with the help of your trusted tour guide, be sure to wear proper foot wear. On way to the top your guide will be sure to point out the mini pools, secluded areas in the rocks where you can relax, or hide away. We started the climb from the Onikan deck.

We paused at what our guide called the Maja swimming pool, which is really a shallow pool. Think of it as a large jacuzzi where you can relax as the refreshing waters flow over you. Next place on the falls was the Nana swimming pool which allows for a little more paddling/ swimming.


At the top of the falls we were treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding areas. With all that climbing we follows the tour guide via the stairs  that lead to the bottom of the falls. 

Mini Zoo and Aviary 

The mini zoo and aviary at Konoko Falls houses a number of exotic animals and birds. They include iguanas, crocodiles, turtles, the  Jamaican boa aka yellow snake, Budgerigar birds, yellow billed parrot, Macaw parrot, the barn owl, various doves, and peacocks. You can spend your time feeding the birds. You might even get to hold the Macaw Parrot. 


The Botanical Gardens and the Fountain of Youth

Features a number of plants such as the Blue Mahoe which is  the national tree of Jamaica and is indigenous to the island. Ginger Lily, aloe vera and dandelion are other popular plants at the garden 

Your tour guide will give you a complete lessons as to what the plants are and what they can be used for. At Konoko Falls there is a natural spring that originates from miles underground.  A large metal pipe is connected to the spring and visitor are able to enjoy the cool and refreshing water, which the park operators have labeled the fountain of Youth 

Fish Pond

A variety of fish are shown here and they really add unexpected beauty to the environment. Under the watchful eye of your guide you may get a chance to feed the fish.

The Museum 

Konoko Falls Museum exhibits offers a look at Jamaica’s turbulent past, from the Taino Indians to the present day era. Rare artefacts, maps and pictures illustrate scripted summaries of all major periods, as well as local history. Their is also a permanent Taino Exhibit.

Here we list what we remembered seeing. Artifacts from Jamaica past including a cast iron clothes iron that was using placed on a coal stove to be heated. This was long before Jamaica had electricity. 


An old metal cooking pot that used to be hung over a wooding fire, long before Jamaicans started cooking in doors with a gas stove. A traditional wooden toy made from calabash tree that was used to entertain children,  pottery and artwork, artifacts related to the tainos and slavery.


Also displays about the history of Ocho Rios and Jamaica in general.  There is an entire section  of Konoko park dedicated to the history of the Arawaks.

Wedding and Events

Konoko park has wide open spaces with lush green lawns. The falls and botanical gardens along with the historic architecture provide a perfect backdrop for a dream wedding or special event. 

Konoko park is one of the must visit areas if you are every in Ocho Rios