Glistening Water Hotel and Luminous Lagoon Jamaica

Glistening Water Hotel Luminous Lagoon  is located in the town of Falmouth, in the Parish of Trelawny, right off the Main Highway (A1).

Glistening Water Hotel Luminous Lagoon can be contacted at  876) 954-3229.

The main attraction of this destination is the nightly tours by boat out into the lagoon to see that Luminous water.

This lagoon in Falmouth is one of the few places in the world where one can see the phenomenon of water naturally glowing in the dark.

The spectacle is  simply marvelous to behold and is something one does not get easily tired of seeing.

Tickets cost between $ 12.50 – $ 25.00 and is well work the price per person.

Tours start at 7 pm at night and usually last around 35 to 45 minutes.

Once you put your life vest on you can listen to your tour guide explain to you why and how this natural phenomena occurs.

As it turns out the water glows due to the presence of bioluminescent algae or bacteria these microorganism have similar properties as the chlorophyll in plants. When the water from the lagoon meets the sea is where they flourish the most. They are very sensitive to the slightest changes in their environment and only occur at few locations around the globe.

As a result the operators of the attraction are always at pains to ensure the environment does not change. The problem of pollution is an ever present danger.

The tour guide will  fill a bucket of water from the lagoon and guest can watch up close as the bucket lights up in the dark.

This awe inspiration event sets the stage for a very romantic evening.

For the adventurous, they can take a swim in the 3-8 feet of water depth of the lagoon, just be prepared to glow in the dark.

These microorganism glow when agitated.

On completion of the tour guests can take full advantage of the Glistening waters Restaurant that serves up a mixture of local and international cuisine .

Apart from the world famous red stripe beer and Appleton Jamaica rum popular items on the menu are lobster, shrimp, fish, conch, chicken, pork, steak prepared in local or international styles. 

For those plan ahead and want to spend the night at the Glistening Water Hotel the price start at $144 USD. It's best to call ahead and to get the best price as these  prices are seasonal. 

Glistening Water Hotel also has a Marina and they will arrange to take persons charter fishing so again call for details. Overall Glistening Water Hotel and Luminous Lagoon  is great attraction and one worth checking out.