Bluefields Beach


Bluefields Beach is narrow shoreline and stretches' for about 2 miles. There is not a lot of sand between the old road and the crest of the tides. Although this does differ in some areas which has more white sand and other areas which have little sand that one could enjoy.

Some some sections can be described more as a pebble beach than a sandy beach, These areas are covered with smooth small to medium sized pebbles.


Dotting this two (2) mile shoreline is the natural vegetation that gives the are that tropical, green backdrop we all love. Tall coconut and  Palm trees can be seen here and there, spaced by apple, guinep, almond, plum and mango trees.  Also along the coast line are sea grape trees. The fruits from the trees are purple when ripe and they are eaten by the locals. The grape has a large seed, covered with thin layer of fruit.

Sections of the beach are great for relaxing in the shade. Other parts offer no sanctuary from the sun and is great for sun bathing.

The beach is separated from the old road in some places by a stone wall. The stone wall betrays the History of the area which served as a settlement for the Spanish in the 1600s and later for the British.

Today the area has a beach park that serves the beach,  and  certain areas serves as a fish sanctuary. Bluefields community also has an active set of local fishermen, who  are well known for the respect they show for the fishing sanctuary and are among its biggest supporters 


Bluefields Beach is a free to enter beach. The adjoining bluefield beach park does provide shower and changing room at a small cost to patrons. there are also lifeguards on duty between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm. There is ample parking 

There is no fee to use the beach directly. So this does provide an opportunity for locals and the adventurous visitor to mingle.   Bluefield beach is usually packed on the weekends with locals, who use the areas as somewhere to relax, take a load off, even have a family cook out and even a barbeque. 

The water is usually warm as would be expected of a tropical location. The water is shallow in most area. You will need to go out further than expected for a good swim. This is natural, small and a little un-spoilt beach. Expect to be greeted by a fair amount of sea weed, the water is not as crystal clear and turquoise as some would expect. However it is still pretty decent under the circumstances 

As most persons have figured out most of the best beaches have been taken over by large hotels and other property owners, leaving only beaches such as Bluefields that lack the long, thick stretches' of sand that one sees on a advertisement for Jamaican beaches. However the area  even though small is beautiful. Long romantic walks, in the proper footwear is still possible on this two mile stretch.


The sunset in Westmoreland is particular awesome. If you are a tourist and want to get away from your resort to experience some real Jamaican 'Ecotourism then Bluefield beach could be perfect for you.

If you are need a little more comfort and enjoy interacting with locals Stop by the beach park and enjoy a red stripe beer and some jerk pork, chicken or fish. 

  The Rules of Bluefield's Beach

The use of this beach is at an individuals risks.  Before you visit you may want to take note of the rules that govern the use of the beach and the beach park. Please see below.

 The use of this Bluefields beach is at Individuals own risk

  • Swimmers are required to stay within the cordoned area.
  • all motorized sport is strictly prohibited within the cordoned area.
  • The beach is staffed by lifeguards only during the hours of 9:00 am. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Please help us preserve and protect our beach by keeping it clean
  • Dispose of waste in the containers provided Do not litter or deface surfaces with graffiti
  • Do not use glass containers
  • For the safety and concern of all beach users, please observe the following
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • No animals or pets are allowed on the beach.
  • No disorderly conduct, illegal drugs or weapons aro allowed.
  • No nude bathing or soliciting
  • No playing of loud music
  • No unauthorized vending
  • No throwing of missiles or other objects.
  • No playing of games which interfere with or cause annoyance to any other user of the beach
  • Games such as football and, volleyball etc shall be restricted to the areas prescribed.
  • Management reserves the right to remove from the premises anyone found in breach of these rules

There is a weather condition Flag warning system

  • Green :- good conditions no unusual hazards exercise caution
  • Yellow moderate sea conditions swim with caution,
  • Red : unfavourable sea conditions swimming not advised,
  • Patrons who disregard Flag warnings swim at their own risk.


 Bluefields Beach is a definitely a must visit for locals and tourists alike. Despites a few drawbacks you can really have a good time here.