BabyLove’s Twist

Babylove’s Twist is located at the Pompano Commercial Complex (Area 2 HQ), Tower Isles, St. Mary, Jamaica.

BabyLove’s Twist

  Twist was started in 2017 by Larry Gardiner after he retired and returned to Jamaica. The parlour has around 30 flavours of ice-cream but there is a twist. The ice-cream flavors at Twist are non-diary.

Twist ice cream

Mr. Gardiner who is passionate about ice-cream developed an unfavorable reaction to regular ice-cream as he got older. He decided to develop a sweet non-diary alternative to the regular ice-cream that would be enjoyable.  The ice-cream flavors contain no preservatives, no genetically modified organisms and are sweetened using cane sugar.

Ice-cream is not the only sweet treat to explore at Twist but customers can indulge in sundaes, smoothies, pastries and cheesecakes. The cheesecakes at Twist are very popular which could be due to Mr. Gardiner’s 30 years doing cheese cake and once owning a cheesecake store in Texas.



Open: Twist open every day except Saturdays

Telephone:  (876)-975-5299 / (876)-403-6902