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What is Paintball?

Paintball is a fun sport in which players compete against each other whether individually or in a team. The aim is to eliminate your opponents by tagging or shooting your opponent with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (paintballs) which is loaded in the paintball gun.

Why was Paintball Jamaica started ?

Paintball Jamaica was created due to the demand for a facility on the North Coast in Jamaica. It is located about 25 minutes away from the Sangster International Airport and is nestled in the lush woodlands of Falmouth.


The Facility and the game

The facility offers two type of games Laser Tag and Paintball. The Laser Tag is a competitive version of the favourite paintball game. Players shoot real paintball markers (paintball gun with Laser) with all the excitement minus the paintballs. And paintball is a highly competitive game in which the paintball markers or guns are loaded with capsules (containing dye). Teams usually play either capture the flag or last team standing. In capture the flag, a flag is placed in the center of the field and the team that first retrieves the flag and return to their home base without being shot wins. In last team standing, the team that eliminates all their opponents first wins.The minimum age for Laser Tag is 8 years old and the minimum age for paintball is fourteen(14)years old.


Paintball Jamaica is open Tuesday to Sunday at 10am to 5pm each day. Food and drinks are sold at the facility which is good to keep you energize after 90 minutes of competitive action.
The team recommends that you wear long sleeve shirt, sneakers and jeans. Bring cash or credit card to buy extra paintballs because with all the excitement you will quickly run out of paintballs to tag or shoot your opponent(s). Also bring your camera to capture that memory of what will be a very fun and exciting experience.

Direction from Montego Bay to Paintball Jamaica:


When you approach the bridge at Martha Brae, Trelawny take the left off the main road and take a right under the bridge. You will pass a sign that say Club Concussion and then a left turn will be made where a sign with an arrow saying Martha Brae Aggregate (Just before the big sign showing Holland Estate). The next sign post that you will see after a few minutes drive is Martha Brae Treatment Plant (NWC) on your left. The next sign post is “Coastal Concrete” on your right. Paintball Jamaica is about two minutes from the last sign post. Look for the Paintball Jamaica sign on you right from the last marker.


For more information: (876) 610-5223 or (876) 436-9230


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